Prize List

Male Female
1st £75.00 £75.00
2nd £50.00 £50.00
3rd £25.00 £25.00
Male Female
1st v40 £25.00 £25.00
1st v50 £25.00 £25.00
1st v60 £25.00 £25.00
1st v70 £25.00 £25.00



*Prizes may be in the form of cash, vouchers or both.

The organisers reserve the right to change the prize values and structure.

Prizes will be awarded on the basis of the official ‘gun times’ in accordance with ARC Rules of Competition and the Event Rules.

Veterans are eligible to receive prizes from the ‘open category’ but will only qualify for one veterans prize, that relates to their actual veterans category.

Only prizes for the first three senior finishers in the ‘open category’ will be awarded on the day. All other prizes will be posted to the winner’s registered address within 4 weeks of the event.

All appeals and correspondence to be addressed to the Race Director within 2 weeks of the race. The decision of the Race Referee shall be final.